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About MacGen

This is a genealogy society formed in 2009 with interest in both the Macintosh computer platform and genealogy. It will concentrate on the Macintosh computer as a tool used for Genealogy.The group will also focus on the Reunion genealogy lineage program used specifically on the Macintosh computer and the iTouch/iPhone/iPad computing devices.

Our first meeting was on April 25, 2009 at the Oakland FamilySearch Libary Conference Room. Topics are very focused, ast we are interested in our computing platform of the Mac and Genealogy topics. Most members belong to local genealogy societies and/or Macintosh computer user groups. We think there is enough interest in this some what unique set of topics, that it will attract many members over a period of time. We do recommend membership in genealogy societies and computer user groups to provide additional support.

The society holds a monthly meetings in Oakland on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This meeting is an informal workshop at the FamilySearch Library that starts at 7pm. Organizing and conducting the meeting is Bill George, with several years experience running computer groups and genealogy societies.

Membership is free. You are considered a member, the first time you attend a meeting and are put on a meeting announcement list. Non-attendance for a year will remove your name from our membership list.

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There is one meeting a month, on the 2nd Wednesday at the Oakland FamilySearch Library at 7pm. This meeting is a MacGen workshop and is your opportunity to get personalized help with Reunion and your Mac.