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Creating Charts in Reunion
April 25, 2009

Our first meeting had 10 people in attendance. Bill George presented and spoke about Charting in Reunion and some Mac and Reunion tips. Please refer to the meeting flyer.

Meeting Location Family History Center
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, CA
10 People in attendance
Next Meeting: 4th Saturday, June 27, 2009, 1:30pm, FHC

Mac Tips

#1 Show View options
You can control much about your Mac Desktop by using Show View Options. To do this
1: CTRL CLICK on empty empty portion of your desktop
2. CLICK "Show View Options"
2: CLICK the "Show Item Info" Check Box
Experiment with the various settings. You can customize font size, Icon size, icon spacing and more. You need to be familiar with this. You can also CTRL Click Finder windows to control the size of icons, control the columns of information displayed and more. Play with both types of View Options to become master of your Mac.

Tip iPhoto:

A free utility will manage multiple iPhoto libraries. It's called the iPhoto Library Manager and is distributed by Fat Cat Software. A professional (have to pay for it) model will allow copying of files between iPhoto llibraries.

Tip Google:
1. Define: - Using this in a search argument will give many definitions for example "Define: Ahnentafal"
2. Tilde symbol - This will add focus to your searches. My favorite is ~genealogy, for example a Google search parameter of "Bush ~genealogy"

Reunion Charting

Their web site is http://www.leisterpro.com. Retail Sales Price of the product is $99.

1. Showed default locations of Reunion files on user's Mac HD:
Database - /Mac HD/Users/YOU/Documents/Reunion Files/
Charts - /Mac HD/Users/YOU/Documents/Reunion Files/Charts/
Reports -
/Mac HD/Users/YOU/Documents/Reunion Files/Reports
Pictures - /Mac HD/Users/YOU/Pictures/Reunion Pictures/

2. Showed ability to drag pictures onto Charts interactively
While viewing Family Card with children in Reunion:
Click Create | Descendant Chart | Click drag picture from folder or iPhoto to the chart and resize as necessary. Very slick!

3. Showed ability to create many varieties of the same chart.
While viewing the above chart
after Click Create | Descendant Chart | Create (notice new menu items)
Click Tree | Click Orientation Dropdown & choose from chart varieties

4. Showed ability to drag chart boxes to suit and enter text.

5. Showed ability to click/drag people to Quickbar and then, quickly jump to the desired family card by clicking on the icon just-created on the Quickbar.

6. Showed how to double click on Manual icon, to use one of the best user documentation manuals in the genealogy lineage program business.


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There is one meeting a month, on the 2nd Wednesday on Zoom at 7pm, U.S. Pacific Standard Time. This meeting is an opportunity to get personalized help with Genealogy, Reunion, FamilySearch.org and your Macintosh. Become a member by attending a meeting and you'll be sent an announcement and reminder for the next Zoom meeting. Email Bill George if you would like to attend.