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MacGen Meetings

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, February 9, 2021, 7pm on Zoom. We will cover Thumbnail images in Reunion.We'll cover how Reunion deals with thumnails, how Reunion's Thumbnail window works and how to edit preferred pictures.

Please email Bill George if you would like to be included in this Zoom meeting.

In June and July, 2021, I stared MacGen classea after a year off. we covered Reunion Books including how to create front/back covers and insert your own documents with pagination. We didn't get to FamilySearch Genealogies.

In August, 2021 we covered Apple's Pages app. as well as Genealogies (of FamilySearch) and

In September, 2021 we reviewed Reunion Touch, the IOS version or Reunion

In October, we covered Reunion Charts. This is one of the best features of Reunion that is a desktop publishing tool to produce charts.

In November, we covered Reunion 13's new features, released in 2020.

In December, we covered Reunion's Find and List Function

In January, 2022, we covered how to produce reports and spreadsheets files from Reunion's Results Window..

I started MacGen Society meetings on Zoom after a year's hiatus due to the pandemic. Previous members will be receiving a link to the new Zoom meetings via email.

If you would like to receive the Zoom link for this meeting please email Bill George

We met previously in person at the Oakland FamilySearch Library, which is sponsored by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 2009 - 2020,

Our meetings will concentrate on the Reunion Genealogy Lineage program (now at version 13) and FamilySearch.org. The FamilySearch Family Tree and website have been heavily used by the public since 2013. FamilySearch is a free resource that can contain the one clue you needed to find that elusive ancestor. Any questions about the Macintosh and genealogy are welcome.   The Mac-only Reunion app, Version 13 was released on October 20, 2020.They list 60 new features and the top 13 new features. The cost of Reunion is $99 and their website is http://leisterpro.com.


An East Bay Mac resource is the Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group of Walnut Creek. They are currently running Tuesday Zoom meetings at 3pm. Their website is http://dvmug.org. The cost $40/year.

There is a free twice-monthly (2nd/4th Thurs 11am) weekly Macintosh Class that used to be held at the Alameda Free Library, but is now held via Zoom. Stephen Huston (http://www.dataxm.com/mug/alamedamug@gmail.com) is the leader of the class that covers different Macintosh computer topics in some depth each meeting. Even if you think you know a topic, expect to be surprised at additional features you never knew about. Send him an email to join the mailing list and receive announcements of upcoming free classes. They don't usually meet in the Summer.

A Reunion Special Interest Group of the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group (http://svcgg.org) meets monthly on the fourth Thursday, 4pm. This group is part of the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group that meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9-11 on Zoom. They also have a weekly Zoom session, Thursdays at 4pm for open discussion. The 4th Thursday is devoted to the aforementioned Reunion Macintosh app.. Prior to the pandemic, the SVCGG group met at the Family History Center in Santa Clara at 875 Quince Ave., Santa Clara, CA (and will again, when things return to normal). Dues are $20/year.

A RUG (Reunion User Group) of the San Diego Genealogical Society that meets monthly on the first Tues. at Noon on Zoom. Email their leader Anne Austin Alves for more information.

This MacGen Society is not affiliated with Leister Productions, Apple Inc. or FamilySearch.org (a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). MacGen is supported entirely by volunteers as a not-for-profit educational experience.

This Web Site's URL is http://www.macgen.org.

...Bill George Email


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There is one meeting a month, on the 2nd Wednesday on Zoom at 7pm, U.S. Pacific Standard Time. This meeting is an opportunity to get personalized help with Genealogy, Reunion, FamilySearch.org and your Macintosh. Become a member by attending a meeting and you'll be sent an announcement and reminder for the next Zoom meeting. Email Bill George if you would like to attend.